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    • You’ll already have or, if eligible agree to have Smart meter(s) installed at your property
    • Fixed price energy until 28 February 2022
    • No early exit fee
    • Pay by Direct Debit or Receipt of Bill
    • Online account – it's there if you want it

    Learn more about Fix 1 Year Plus v4 February 2022 福建11选5计划

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    • You'll already have or, if eligible, agree to have Smart meter(s) installed at your property.
    • Fixed Prices until 28 February 2022
    • Exit fees - £30 per fuel may apply before 10 January 2022
    • Pay by Monthly Direct Debit
    • Online account – you'll need to have one

    Learn more about Fix Online v43 February 2022

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    • Prices could go up or down
    • Exit fees - none
    • Pay by Direct Debit, Receipt of Bill or Prepayment
    • Online account – it’s there if you want it

    Learn more about Standard Variable 福建11选5计划

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Choose the tariff you're interested in to find out more and to see our terms and conditions. If you switch to a new tariff before your current tariff ends, you may pay your new prices earlier and these may be lower or higher, depending on the tariff you choose and when your current tariff ends. We’ll let you know if this is going to happen when you perform your switch.

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npower is now part of the E.ON group

This means anyone wanting to switch to npower would now instead become a customer of E.ON. Switching to E.ON is easy and won’t affect your supply.

  1. Get a quote and apply online
  2. E.ON will talk to your current supplier
  3. They'll tell you when your switch is done

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More on tariffs and switching

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Tariff rates and charges

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How to switch

Switching to E.ON is simple. They'll contact your current supplier and let them know you're moving your energy supply, so you don't have to do a thing.

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Join millions of other households with a Smart meter and make it easier to see where you could save money.

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