Why is renewable energy important?

A lot of the energy generated within the UK comes from fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal. These generate greenhouse gases and pollute our air, negatively impacting the environment and contributing to climate change.

Renewable energy, such as wind, water and solar are clean alternatives to fossil fuels. These green energy sources are more sustainable. Generating electricity from renewable sources significantly benefits our climate, our health and our economy.

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Our renewable tariffs 

All our fixed tariffs offer 100% renewable electricity. We will match 100% of your electricity consumption by purchasing the equivalent volume of renewable energy certificates.

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Put your excess energy to work

If you generate your own renewable energy, like solar or wind, you can get paid for surplus energy you don't use in your home or business with a new export tariff under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)。

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Switch and plant a tree

We’ve joined forces with – and planted 140,000 trees so far. If you switch your energy to our Go Green Energy Fix March 2022 tariff, we’ll pay them to plant a tree in the UK (once you’ve been on the tariff for more than 90 days) .

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100% carbon offset gas

We partner with 福建11选5计划 to offset 100% of the carbon emissions from our Go Green Energy Fix customers' gas consumption.

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EcoAct stamp of assurance

We’ve partnered with to give our Go Green Energy Fix tariff the green light for its environmental benefits.

EcoAct are a world leading provider of carbon and energy management and sustainability services. After auditing our people, systems and processes involved with Go Green Energy Fix, they’ve given the tariff their 福建11选5计划stamp of assurance (PDF, 419 KB) to say it meets its green standards.

More about Trees for Cities

Trees for Cities is an independent charity (1032154) set up in 1993, to plant trees in deprived urban communities. The aim is to grow stronger neighbourhoods, enhance urban landscapes and improve people’s health and happiness.

Read the npower and Trees for Cities impact summary report 2018/19. (PDF, 2363KB)

Why plant trees?

At one time, much of the country was covered in trees, and people enjoyed a healthy, outdoor life. Today, over 80% of people live in cramped towns and cities, often with very little open space to enjoy.

  • By planting trees, we can create attractive green spaces that encourage people to go outside. This has a positive effect on their mental health, raises their fitness levels and improves their overall wellbeing and quality of life.
  • As well as being attractive, trees can also directly improve the local environment. It takes just 30 to 50 metres of greenery to cut noise pollution from a major road by up to 50%.
  • Trees are vital in cleaning the air. In one area where we planted, as many as 150 people a year are thought to die as a result of air pollution. Our trees don’t just improve lives, they may actually save them.

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What types of trees will npower and Trees for Cities plant?

For our fixed term tariffs , Trees for Cities are planting young trees, which are great for creating healthy and long living woodland. We plant a wide variety of size and species. This helps to reduce any threat from one species developing a disease.

But it's all about the right tree in the right place. So Trees for Cities consider the area’s characteristics, which includes things like:

  • rain fall
  • amount of surface water
  • other vegetation
  • available space
  • any other purpose the tree might have

Where will npower and Trees for Cities plant trees?

We’ll be planting trees in UK cities. A lot of it will be in deprived city areas, where you’ll often find there aren’t so many trees.

Both npower and Trees for Cities want as many people as possible to take advantage of the great benefits that quality green spaces offer. So we’re looking to improve green spaces in public places. 80% of the UK population live in cities, so that’s where the trees can have the biggest impact.

Who looks after the trees once Trees for Cities have planted them for you?

福建11选5计划Trees for Cities plant the trees for npower and look after them while they’re vulnerable and become established. Then they hand them back to the land owner (usually the local council) who look after them as part of their tree stock.

Trees for Cities get local residents involved in the projects, as they’ll benefit most from the trees being planted. It also encourages the community to help care for the trees.

Working with ClimateCare to offset carbon emissions

We support a range of Emissions Reductions to offset 100% of Go Green customers’ gas emissions, including 10% from forest protection and 90% from renewable electricity generation.

npower Go Green customers support both rainforest protection projects, which keep the rainforests standing and protect vital wildlife habitats, as well as supporting renewable electricity generation projects in developing countries.

All of the projects which Go Green customers are supporting are accredited to one of three of the leading standards in the voluntary carbon market:

  • The Gold Standard
  • The Verified Carbon Standard
  • The Clean Development Mechanism

Rainforest protection

Rainforest protection projects focus on avoiding deforestation and maintaining habitats for wildlife. Rainforests play a central role in the carbon cycle and are key in our efforts to curb global heating below 2 degrees. Rainforests face a variety of threats. When forests are cut down, not only are trees unable to absorb any more carbon, but the carbon stored in the trees is released into the atmosphere. According to analysis by Global Forest Watch, tropical forest loss currently accounts for 8 percent of the world's annual carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, the deforestation of these areas degrades key habitats for wildlife.

By supporting rainforest protection projects, Go Green customers are helping to protect rainforests through a variety of activities. This can include actively patrolling the forest area with rangers, or through developing alternative livelihoods for local communities to change their relationship with the forest, and reduce pressure on the area.

By choosing our Go Green tariff, you’re supporting projects that secure habitats in these biodiverse regions, as well as having a positive impact on the local community and economy.

Renewable energy

We rely on fossil fuels for a lot of our electricity. And moving quickly to clean energy is more vital than ever.

The Emissions Reductions we support when we offset our Go Green customers’ gas emissions are known as carbon finance. Carbon finance is a critical part in scaling up renewable energy projects in developing countries.

By choosing our Go Green tariff, the projects you are supporting are renewable electricity generation plants, which are reducing carbon emissions by replacing electricity generated from fossil fuels with cleaner renewable energy, reducing the grid’s carbon intensity. And it helps pave the way for more widespread adoption of renewable energy.

Local communities are supported in setting up and running these projects, creating employment in their construction and management.

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