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Intelligent Analytics alarms  

Monitoring your usage whilst working from home, giving you control, flexibility and peace of mind.

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Fuelling your business 

Dual Fuel Discount

If you are a new customer looking to join npower - or you are an existing customer and would like to renew your gas or electricity - by agreeing a contract for 1 year or more for both supplies, we can save your business £200 on your first bill.

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Powering your business 

Power in 5 days

福建11选5计划For new power connections, we can arrange supply, install the meter and ensure you have electricity in just five working days。

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Working with you to determine the most cost effective and efficient times to purchase and use energy.
Energy HQ

Analysing and interpreting your energy use and business behaviours to deliver significant energy and cost reduction.
Generating Elecetricity

Make the most of your energy generation. Our dedicated team of experts will help you get as much return as possible.

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Improve your business energy management through independant recognised behavioural change.
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